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    jboss-3.0.6_tomcat-4.1.18 on Linux

    Rebecca Scully Newbie

      I am trying to install and run jboss-3.0.6_tomcat-4.1.18 on Linux RedHat 8.0. I have followed the instructions in the Getting Started Documentation and have reached the point of "Installing JBoss as a Unix Service". I have copied the scripts jboss and go.sh but when I test the scripts by executing jboss as suggested, I get the following error:

      [root@devel init.d]# ./jboss start
      Starting jboss daemon: execvp: No such file or directory
      [ 1 -eq 0 ] [FAILED]

      Can anyone help?

      I am new to JBoss and relatively new to Lunix, so it is highly likely I am overlooking something quite simple and straight forward.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

      PS. I tried it first on Win2K and had no problem installing it as a service.