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    Best practices for ValueExpressions and FaceletHi

    Mehmet Salgar Novice


      I want to ask best practices to use the ValueExpressions and Facelet.

      I wrote a new JSF component extending RichFaces base classes, to my astonishement I discerned that Facelet bypass the classes based on UIComponentELTag and it (richfaces) nice mechanism provided to set valueexpression mechanism.

      Instead Facelet write the literal values directly to the component but the ValueExpression are only wriiten to ValueExpression map of the component (binding)....

      So to get these values I just to read them in the renderer and if the properties is null, I look to the valueexpression map and evaluate the values.


      String sessionId = (String) attrs.get(SESSIONID_ATTR);
      if(sessionId == null)
      sessionId = (String) component.getValueExpression(SESSIONID_ATTR).getValue(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getELContext());

      which I found not nice at all....

      The only alternative I can see from the Facelet is this TagHandler and apply method or ComponentHandler but I have no idea which one I have to use. I have a component so I think I should use the ComponentHandler but this has no apply method sooo.... I am little bit lost....

      So what is tthe best practices for this purpose....

      Thx for the answers