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    [b]jboss directories[/b]

    Meik Suchlich Newbie


      What is the base directory to put jsp etc. in in JBoss, so that they start from http://server/index.jsp

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          Vinay Salehithal Newbie

          I don't think there is such a ready-made "default" application present in JBoss. Assuming that u have a running setup of webconatiner-jboss 3.0.6, heres what u need to do:
          1. Create a mytestweb.war folder in yr <jboss-home>\server\default\deploy folder. Note the .war extension to the folder. This is how you deploy exploded web apps.
          2. edit yr web.xml if required.
          3. assuming u have a mytest.jsp in <jboss-home>\server\default\deploy\mytestweb.war folder, u cd then access it as http://server:port/mytestweb/mytest.jsp