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    Question on Service Binding Management configuration.

    Vinay Salehithal Newbie

      I have tried searching the forum(did a serach on sample-bindings.xml, service binding), but the search results showed nothing in common to my query below:

      Environment: JBoss 3.0.6, Tomcat 4.1.18, Solaris 8

      In Jboss-service.xml I have uncommented the Service Binding element, so as to try and start two instances.
      I have also modified the sample-bindings.xml so as to configure separate sets of ports for the two instances.
      Ideally I understand, these are the only two files that wd need modification. But I find that I also have to modify the ports tomcat-service.xml to make this actually work.
      When I look into sample-bandings.xml, i see that there is a config present for jetty but not for tomcat. Cd any one pls suggest, what shd be put instead of the jetty related config, in sample-bindings.xml, so as to emable it to work with tomcat.