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    Does JVM (1.4) JAXP Parser need to match JBoss JAXP parser?

    Christopher Volk Newbie

      I have upgraded my JBoss-3.0.5_tomcat-4.0.6 from Crimson (why JBoss is using a very deprecated parser is beyond me) to the JAXP 1.22 parser included in Sun's WSDK 1.1.

      Do I need to use the "endorsed" directory and update my JDK 1.4 JVM as well? Or will JBoss always use the libs in it's own lib dir?

      I ask this as I am trying to figure out some classloading issues seen when redeploying webapps that use JAXP. I get "WebappClassLoader: Lifecycle error : CL stopped" errors only when more than one JAXP-based app is deployed.