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    java.sql interfaces in jboss-jca.jar and class loading

    Andrea Giovannini Newbie

      I've seen that the file jboss-jca.jar contains two interfaces of the package java.sql (EndPoint and ParameterMetadata) because of compatibility with JDK 1.4.

      When these classes are loaded we get an error about a prohibited package (java.sql), but only with the IBM JDK 1.3 on AS/400, i.e. these classes are not loaded with the JDK and the classloader tries to load them from JBoss jar.
      On other platforms (Windows, AIX) it's OK.

      It seems that when the JBoss class which references java.sql classes is loaded then the IBM JDK's classloader tries to resolve all the imported classes, therefore also java.sql interfaces.

      Any idea about with different behaviour in class loading?
      Is there any JBoss configuration which can help me?

      Thanks in advance!