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    High Random Ports & Firewalls

    Andrew Newbie

      I'm trying to configure jboss to run behind a firewall. I've read the documentation and a number of posts that talk about running rmi over http to get through firewalls or setting rmiPort in the configuration files.
      This does not stop jboss still opening high level random ports. Even if I remove all applications and startup jboss then these high level ports are opened.
      I am running jboss3.0.4_tomcat4.1.12 on a Solaris workstation.
      Has anyone had this problem and fixed it?
      Thanks in advance,

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          Rossano Bersagliere Newbie

          You have to add -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to your run.sh script. It will look like

          # Setup JBoss sepecific properties
          JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dprogram.name=$PROGNAME -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"

          and modify your NamingService by adding the RmiPort attribute name as follows.


          Note that this will work only if you are not using CMT in your client. The jboss implementation of TransactionManager uses a random port when requesting a new transaction.

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            Andrew Newbie

            Thanks for the information.
            I've done everything that you said, but the random high ports are still open. I have no applications installed there - it is the basic shell that is there. Did you have to remove any of the installed applications that are included in the download e.g. jmx-console. Do any of these use transactions?