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    changing default tmp directory

    Rajasekhar Atteri Newbie

      Right now my .war file in my linux jboss installation explodes to /tmp
      I am not able to start a desktop or update cvs because it says /tmp is out of space. Though there is plenty of space, I suspect the filesystem is out of inodes.

      To fix the problem I am current using an already exploded war file in jboss so there is no need to explode into /tmp.

      But I would really like to use a .war file. How do I change the default directory that jboss explodes .war files and compiles jsp's to? I remember reading something about specifying JAVA_TMP_DIR or something in the startup command.

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          Kent Bian Newbie

          Add following line into run.bat
          set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Djava.io.tmpdir=%JBOSS_HOME%\server\default\tmp

          put it just before

          echo ============================================================================
          echo .
          echo JBoss Bootstrap Environment
          echo .
          echo JBOSS_HOME: %JBOSS_HOME%
          echo .
          echo JAVA: %JAVA%
          echo .
          echo JAVA_OPTS: %JAVA_OPTS%
          echo .
          echo .
          echo ===============================================================================

          then restart jboss. This is for windows. It should be same for nuix/linux