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    Problem with rich:dataScroller

    Luke Twardowsky Newbie

      I wonder how to set current page in dataScroller in managed bean when I come back to page. What am I doing wrong?!

      <rich:datascroller align="center" for="list" maxPages="20" binding="#{bean.scroll1}" page="#{bean.pageNumber}" id="sc1" reRender="sc2"/>


      Thanks,for all responses.

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          David Murphy Newbie

          We do it a different way where we inject the uicomponent into the bean using seam, like
          private transient UIDatascroller scroller;

          where the UIComponent is the org.richfaces component.

          Then in the code we do a....

          But in your case I would have thought the value of the page property on the rich:datascroller should do the job.
          Are you rerendering the "list".

          I have seen the error before where you set the page but it does not get propergated back to the page, havent figured it out as yet.

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            you should use page binding instead of pageIndexVar which is an attribute to define request scope variable for page access to current index(like var in dataTable).