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    deploy ear from xml or sar?

    captrb Newbie


      I'm sure that this has already been documented and discussed, but unfortunately I'm having a devil of a time finding it. I'd like to deploy all the bits of my application, the mbeans, ejbs, jsps, etc... from a xml file, the same way I'd deploy an set of mbeans. I'd like to wrap up all my classes and configs into a jar, then instruct the deployers via the xml file about what needs to be deployed, mbean style.

      Currently, I have the application partitioned into several ear and sar files that allow me to pick and choose what gets deployed on what instance. I am, probably like many of you, frustrated by the complications of deploying and re-deploying like this.

      Any pointers or links would be appreciated (and yes, I bought the docs, maybe I just don't understand them ;-).