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    Jboss Loading a "Ghost" jar!

    sudatta_gautam Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have placed one of my app specific stuff in /../jboss/myapp/lib/ dir. Everytime I delete the tmp dir under myapp just to be sure. But still sometimes I see an old version of the same jar in action. I thought this could be a classpath problem and hence I removed all copies of the same jar from the machine. But still this appears.This "Ghost" jar does not appear every time. Sometimes on restart I see the proper jar in action and sometimes on restart I see the old jar in action.
      Here is the sanity check I ran.
      1. Jboss deployment details provided during startup are pointing to right jar.
      2. No other jar has the same classes as this perticular jar

      Any help is appreciated.
      Thanks in advace.