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    java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host 127.0.

    caprieto Newbie

      I had this problem, & just now I solved it:

      My OS is RedHat 7.1 and I didn't configurate my HOSTNAME and hosts.

      Initialy I had on hosts file: servername localhost mylocalhost

      then I change it to localhost mylocalhost
      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx servername myservername

      (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx are the IP of server machine where I have installed JBoss and refered on jndi.properties of the client)

      and then set the hostname to servername using:

      /bin/hostname myservername

      try watch the enviroment variable HOSTNAME (echo $HOSTNAME) if it still is LOCALHOST change to myservername (export LOCALHOST=myservername)

      and try to connect the cliente