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    Documentation and the Binding Service Manager

    Jason Agee Newbie

      I have searched around jboss.org for some instruction on the Binding Service Manager, but have found nothing. Am I missing something, or is there just no documentation on this. I have several questions on how to use it. For instance, if I change the jboss-service file to use BindingServiceManager, should I then comment out the org.jboss.naming.NamingService mbean code in the jboss-service file, or will it ignore that information? Will using a binding service manager allow me to shutdown the two instances separately? I have found a different web site with instructions on how to setup two independent instances by changing the ports in several different files, and then running two copies of JBoss, so I have accomplished what I want, but it's frustrating to see the binding service that I want and having no way of understanding it. I could have opened up the source and poured through it, but there are thousands of files and who has time to do that while trying to write their own application? Is this information in the documention? I searched the indexes of the documentation and didn't see anything that seemed like it would answer my questions, besides the usual "getting JBoss and installing" which usually just gives a brief on CVS and tells you to run the build executable.

      JBoss is a wonderful product, and I'm very glad that it's available. I'm not knocking it, but I have rarely found any answers to the questions that I have without exhausting every jboss resource available. Something as fundamental as having two instances, one for development and one for testing, should not be so difficult to implement.

      For others who have the same questions, here is the link to the website. If there were more instructions, like this, JBoss would be much easier to manage..


      Jason Agee

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          > Something as fundamental as having two instances, one
          > for development and one for testing, should not be so
          > difficult to implement.

          It is not difficult even without the binding service. Anyhow here's the documentation http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jboss/BindingService.pdf?download

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            Jason Agee Newbie

            Thanks for the reply. I am appreciative of the response, however my point to the post was not that it was difficult to do. I believe that if you are an advanced user of JBoss it would be very easy to do. My point is that the documentation for those of us who are not experts provides little information on how to accomplish this. So when I said "something as fundamental...not be so difficult to implement" I mean that it would be easily found in the documentation or previous posts so that it would be fairly obvious to users who are not experts of JBoss. For example, when I went to the "Documentation" link on the jboss web site, the only available free documentation was the "Getting Started" documentation, which is fine, I understand that there needs to be a source of revenue for the developers and I think that the business model created for JBoss is very creative and respectable (I have even purchased the 2.x documentation). But there was no mention of the Services Binding Manager in either the Free documentation, or any of the indexes of the documentation for sale. If there was some indication that the books for purchase would have given me my answer, I would have purchased one of them with no problem. But from what I can see, there is no mention of the services binding manager at all from the Documentation page. That is what I meant by "something as fundamental....not be so difficult to implement". I would assume that this information would be at the very least readily available, not necessarily free, just available.

            My next failure to find information was in the forums. I just did a search on the forum for "BindingService.pdf" and found only the response you gave to me. Of course previously I poured through many posts doing searches on things such as "binding", "service binding", "multiple instances", etc...Again, I would have expected this to have been addressed in several posts and that some documentation would have been easy to locate. At least now the link to the pdf should be easier to locate through the forums.

            I realize that discussions such as these will come off as negative and I want you to understand I'm not ranting. I really think that what I have said should be considered as constructive. It could help both the users, who often need quick paths to the information they seek, and the developers because as I said before if something would have said "Binding Service Manager info, purchase here" I would have done it, no problem. Anyway, I will read the pdf that you sent the link to, and thanks again.

            Jason Agee

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              sunitashukla Newbie


              I am a new member of JBOSS grp and have only 3 days of experience in JBOSS.

              I am stuck up with creating multiple instances of jboss on a single node.Going through the forum suggestions I came to know that thru Binding service manager(BSM) we can create directories.But with JBOSS3.2.1-tomcat4.1.24,I cannot find the thing anywhere.

              It will be great if anyone can send me the solution from the scratch.The other idea ( changing port instances),doesn't appeal me.

              Please someone help with BSM.