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    j2ee.jar / axis / HttpServletRequest (newbie)

    Troy Rudolph Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've deployed Axis 1.1 RC2 in JBoss 3.0.6. I'm using J2ee 1.4, J2SDK 1.4.1_02, and Xerces.

      .Mostly, it seems to work, but when I invoke the EchoHeaders webservice (http://localhost:8080/axis/EchoHeaders.jws?method=list), it fails to compile EchoHeaders.jws. The error occurs because it can't find javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest.

      j2ee.jar is not in the JBoss classpath, but when I put it there, JBoss fails to start up.

      How do I configure the classpath so that JBoss can start successfully and compile things that required j2ee.jar?