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    JSESSIONID problem with Jboss 3.0.4

    vishwarn Newbie


      I am using Jetty+Jboss 3.0.4, The website downloads images, javascripts (js files) and css files from other website to comply with standards.

      When the user visits the site, Jboss+Jetty includes a JSESSIONID in the URL. This is also done for the image sources and javascript sources and calls, like at runtime. Same happens with javascript and css include directives also. NOTE: ALL THE COOKIE SETTINGS ARE ENABLED ON THE CLIENT BROWSER. Meaning, the client has allowed the server to set any kind of cookie.

      Upon refreshing all the images are loaded and JSESSIONID is *not* being appended. I would assume that the server at this moment is able to determine that the cookie is enabled on the client browser.

      JSESSIONID getting appended first time is causing problems in our sites, all the URL references to the external site for downloading images and stylesheets are failing as the JSESSIONID is getting included (other site is not honouring this).

      Why does Jboss+Jetty assume that the client browser has not enabled cookies and try to set a JSESSIONID in the URL ?. Is it that the internal algorithm first uses URL rewriting, I think that is not a possibility here.

      Could anyone suggest me how to fix this issue ?

      Thanks in advance,
      - Vishwa