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    Logging help

    Darrel Riekhof Newbie

      I'm running a struts web app on jboss 3.0.6, tomcat 4.1.18. I'm using a method in the jakarata commons BeanUtils class, and it is dumping tons of stuff to the log. I can't determine how to shut it off or filter out all these worthless log msgs. They look like this:

      ,422 INFO [STDOUT] 352654 [Thread 11] DEBUG org.apache.commons.beanutils.BeanUtils -

      I've looked into it some, and am guessing I need to do something in jboss's conf/log4j.xml file to filter these out. What I am not sure...

      I tried putting a log4j.properties file in my WEB-INF/classes dir, but read posts that say that jboss/log4j will ignore this once jboss's log4j xml config has been read in.

      Anyone shed some light on what I can do? What would a section in the xml file look like that would filter out msgs below warning from org.apache.*?