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    virtual host: self cert & CA cert

    vl Newbie

      Hi GURUS,

      Can somebody provide some useful links to instruction how setup JBOSS (tomcat) virtual host with SSL, please?

      I got a certificate for a1.company_name.net, but we are running JBOSS on a2.company_name.net. When I installed self certificate it works but it's self. When I imported CA cert - JBOSS started all listeners on port 8443 but I cannot open any page in browser. I didn't find any error messages on JBOSS log files - just nothing.
      (I changed "localhost" to "a1.company_name.net" in /opt/jboss/server/xxx/deploy/tomcat-xxx.xml and /opt/jboss/tomcat-4.1.x/conf/server.xml)