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    Web Start Client times out during InitialContext.lookup()

    Barry Davies Newbie

      I'm a complete network moron who is having problems with people outside of my ISP's local network running a web start client hosted on my local PC.

      I'm running JBoss 3.0.6 on my home PC (WinXP) which is connected to the internet via cable modem. The ISP does some strange things in order for me to have a static IP address for the outside world. I have to set a special internal IP address (from here on referred to as <internal address>) in my network settings and that maps to my static external IP address (from here on referred to as <external address>). I have set up my web start client to use <external address>:1099 as its jndi url, but the client times out during the InitialContext.lookup() with a CommunicationException. Inside the exception it says Connection refused to host <internal address>. I have no idea how the client can know anything about the server machine's internal IP address unless the JNDI server (for some unknown reason) is transmitting this address back to the client for some low-level use.

      Is this because some server-side processing checks its internal ip address and sends it to the client? If it is, how do I setup jboss to override this behavior and only report the IP address that i know the outside world can access it by? If I'm way off base here, does anyone know of a different root cause of this problem?