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    JBoss Shutdown Problems on Linux

    zhenxu Newbie


      I am trying to run JBoss on Linux and encountered problems in the shutdown process. I have Sun JDK 1.3.1_07 installed on SuSE Enterprise Server 8.0. The JBoss version I have tried so far are 2.4.10 and 2.4.4. The JBoss can startup fine without any problem. However, once it is up and running, it does not response to Control-C sequence to shut itself down. I have tried the same version on another Solaris SPARC box with the same version JDK, and it is working just fine. Could anyone give me some hints? Maybe it is due to the version of Linux that I am using? Thanks!


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          vrkyeluru Newbie

          Hi, Here is the working script of start and and stop Jboss. Please copy and paste the below code in agular brackets in run.sh file in exact place.

          if $useprofiler; then
          # Hand over control to profiler
          # Execute the JVM
          if [ "$1" = "start" ] ; then
          exec $JAVA $JAVA_OPTS \
          -classpath "$JBOSS_CLASSPATH" \
          org.jboss.Main "$@" 2>&1 &

          echo $! > /var/run/jboss.pid

          elif [ "$1" = "stop" ] ; then
          kill -9 $(cat /var/run/jboss.pid)
          echo "JBoss is successully stopped"

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            vrkyeluru Newbie

            Sorry forgot to mention. After placing the above code you would start the server as "./run.sh start" and similarly you stop it by issuing command "./run.sh stop".