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    ModalPanel parameters

    Ishwor Thapa Newbie

      I was trying to send an object of some class in back end bean through the parameter option in modal panel.

      <h:outputLink style="font-size:6" value="#" id="link"
       onclick="Richfaces.showModalPanel('panelOne',{level:'${level}'})">Add here

      I could receive the object in javascript function in onshow with event.parameters.level.

      But I needed to call methods of this object fromJSF, like ${level.methodA} in a command button in modal panel.

      Is there a way to pass objects around from main page to the modal panel?

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          Ishwor Thapa Newbie

          It seems like I can send in parameters like

          <a href="javascript:Richfaces.showModalPanel('panelOne', {top:'10px', left:'10px', height:'400'},{level:'${level}'});">Show</a>

          And I can receive that parameter in modal panel using $level.

          But it is passed only for one time. How should I get it everytime I open the modal pane. Should not it be retained?