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    Starting JBoss 3.0.6 installed on AIX 5.1 from Telnet

    bfagerla Newbie

      We have JBoss 3.0.6 installed on AIX 5.1. We try to nohup run.sh from telnet session and JBoss starts up just fine. The problem is that run.sh starts child processes that aren't nohup'ed and so we can't kill our telnet session without killing JBoss. We are thinking we could modify run.sh to add a nohup in front of the run of the child processes but wanted to check to see if anyone else found a solution to this problem (or if there isn't a problem and we're missing something).

      Also, why is the shutdown command called "shutdown". Our admin is having a fit because "shutdown" is also the command to shutdown the server....any ideas on this one?

      Thanks in advance!