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    Multiple root contexts, virtual hosts

    mobrules Newbie

      Hello All,
      I need help. I need to have multiple virtual hosts mapped to '/' in the same instance of jboss, i.e.

      www.foo.com.war -> http://www.foo.com/
      www.bar.com.war -> http://www.bar.com/

      If I use the context-root and virtual-host directive in jboss-web.xml and set them both to '/', I get errors on startup and doesnt work.

      This is supported by Jetty standalone via the addWebApplication method, but in the jetty docs it says

      "Note: If you run Jetty within JBoss, then you should NOT use the addWebApplication API (or XML), as this bypasses the JBoss classloaders. Use the JBoss deployment mechanisms instead and only use the Jetty configuration for listeners and logs."

      Any Ideas?