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    Running JBoss 3.2 with MySql

    bumper75 Newbie


      I have problems to install JBoss with my MySql.
      My JBoss is 3.2 and MySql is 3.23.

      I've try severals integrating docs but no one use the latest release of JBoss, and it seems the config files have changed since the 2.0 and 3.0 version.

      In fact, I don't know if MySql is well installed, because the sample I've try don't work (but I don't know why).
      Message -> can't connect to the base.

      Could you give me a link for a basic sample to test if MySql is ready? juste a db with 1 table and a javabean which connect to the base and print the result of a "select" on a jsp page.

      is there an other solution to test if mysql is well installed with jboss ??

      Thanks in advance.

      PS: excuse my bad english..