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    Webserver for RMI class downloads is exposing configuration

    Allen Johnson Newbie

      This seems to be a bug.

      I am using JBoss 3.2 and by default there is a jboss:service=Webserver that allows ejb-clients to download the code it needs using RMI facilities. I was testing this out, set my system properties like java.rmi.server.codebase and hostname and found that if I hit http://localhost:8083/ I can request files from my JBOSS_HOME/server//conf folder.

      In mozilla, if I do http://localhost:8083/login-config.xml - I get a blank page BUT if I view the HTML source for the blank page, I get all my login-config.xml details.

      Please someone let me know if this is a configuration error on my part. I am only using the default jboss-service.xml file. Also, I would like to have my ejb-clients be able to dynamically download the classes it needs so just turning this service off is not really a fix.