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    log4j hosted app logging NOT allowed in Jboss?

    samart Newbie

      it seems that u cannot separate jboss's logging from any webapp's logging and ejb's logging running in Jboss. Classes using log4j in jboss inherits jboss's log4j.xml config. Does anyone know how to log the hosted apps separate from the server? can you post a sample config file!

      i woudl like to log the output of my war or ear to a log file, unpolluted by jboss's log output. in addition, how are developers dealing with seeing DEBUG logging from their apps? you also see Jboss's DEBUG logging mixed up in your own app's logging. this is really strange and undesirable behavior.

      If anyone has a solution, i would really appreciate it! thanks.

      i'm using jboss 3.2, log4j 1.2.8 (comes with jboss).