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    What is up with documentation?

    oahvenla Newbie

      I keep asking this question, and instead of getting an answer, see my question deleted without comment.

      There still is no release notes document for JBoss 3.2.0, and now I see 3.2.1 is available. I'm racking my brain, and can't think of any other serious project or product that is so underdocumented as to not even provide a release notes between versions!

      This is especially bad because JBoss would otherwise have everything it takes to be a serious contender in the J2EE space. I would like nothing more than being able to use JBoss for my company's production environment as well as development, but this lack of basic information makes things really difficult. If I had to justify my choices to a manager, I'd have no hope doing so with JBoss.

      As for the pay documentation, is there a timeline when it will be updated for 3.2? When I bought the docs for 3.0 I found them lacking in many of the places where I'd have needed them most. :(