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    Doculab performance test

    Jon Martin Solaas Newbie

      In the report from Doculab (qouted on the front page today) they claim JBoss 3.2.0 RC1 performs best on RedHat Linux 8. This is somewhat different from what I've read earlier (back in the 2.0 kernel time, when JBoss ran best on Windows NT/2000)

      Does anybody have any experiences to share on this issue? Does anyone know what kind of performance gain we can expect running JBoss on RedHat 9 with the new threading model backported from the 2.5 linux development kernel?


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          Juha Lindfors Master

          That claim is a bit surprising. It would be interesting to have that confirmed/denied by some independent testers (meaning someone not getting paid by Microsoft).

          I would assume that W2K virtual machines still perform better but then I'm not familiar with any possible changes in Linux kernel thread model that might dip the balance. I found it interesting though that JBoss was the only J2EE app server that had the best performance under Linux. All others got their best marks on W2K. It almost seems as if someone wanted to have a predefined order in the report.

          But it would be nice if someone could confirm or deny any performance changes on Linux JVMs.

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            Jon Martin Solaas Newbie

            Also it seems JBoss scales a bit better than the others when more CPU's are thrown in. Which is also nice :-)