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    Deployment environment

    john_fleenor Newbie

      Hello, I have several projects using jboss and I am having growing pains. The ant build system that I have been developing worked great with one or two projects but now that I have multiple projects in various stages of development, test, and production. It is becoming more difficult to keep from stepping on each other. I build and deploy {projectname}ejb.jar files that contain the session and entity beans.
      I also build {proj}-client.jar files that contain exceptions value objects, remote and home interfaces.
      This is an example of my environment:

      I have proj A that produces projA-ejb.jar and projA-client.jar. I place the projA-ejb.jar in the jboss deploy dir.

      I also have a projB-ejb.jar that uses projA. I need projA-client.jar classes in the classpath of projB-ejb.jar. So I place the projA-client.jar file in the jboss/default/lib directory.

      I have checked the projA-client.jar into source control and add the labeled version to the classpath of my ant build.xml. The goal of this is to have projB develop their module independently projA as long as the interfaces do not change. I am putting the projA-client.jar in the classpath so a calling class does not recompile by dependency and cause class incompatible version errors.

      I could place the client.jar files in ear files, but I don’t like the Idea of having to duplicate client jar files in two projects that use a common component.

      I would like suggestions and if this approach is completely off base.


      John Fleenor