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    CDK: weird corruption in generated mycomponentRenderer.java

    Dave Loyall Newbie

      Here's a line from the mycomponentRenderer.java generated by the CDK:

      getUtils().writeAttribute(writer, "onkeyup", "#{component.attributes[\"oninputmousedow" );

      What the heck is that?

      I expected:
      getUtils().writeAttribute(writer, "onkeyup", component.getAttributes().get("oninputkeyup") );

      FYI, the string "oninputmousedow" (note the missing n) does not appear in my project (well, except as a substring, of course..).

      Any ideas?

      Moreover, how could I debug the code generation process to spot at what point that weird string appears? ...Unfortunately, the CDK is my first experience with Maven. I have only a vague idea how the build process works.

      I'm using 3.2.2-SNAPSHOT from 2008-08-11, for what it's worth.