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    JBoss start failure

    quinn Newbie


      For some reaon my JBoss won't start.
      After turning debug on i get this error message:

      05:41:20,702 INFO [WebService] Creating
      05:41:20,729 ERROR [STDERR] jar: beginEntry META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
      05:41:20,731 ERROR [STDERR] jar: done with meta!
      05:41:20,734 ERROR [STDERR] jar: nothing to verify!

      The JBoss version i am using here is 3.2.0rc3
      This copy of jboss actualy works great on an other machine.

      This is what i have treid to get it right:
      I have tried version 3.2.1
      Looked everywhere on google.
      Looked on newsgroups.
      Looked on mailinglists.
      Copied the classpath of the working machine.

      Results NULL

      Can anyone give me an idea what is wrong with my settings as i think it is not a jboss problem.