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    Mac OS X context lookup problem

    Volkmar Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I have a strange problem with an application client being run on Mac OS X. The application client jar I'm using runs perfectly fine on Linux and Win2000 (using j2sdk1.4.1_02), but it refuses to start up in Mac.
      At first I thought it was due to some authentication problem, but that's not the case, as it correctly picks up changes I've made in the database for the database login module.
      This bit is fine
      Context initial = new InitialContext();
      but on this bit OS X gets its knickers in a twist
      Object objref = initial.lookup("MyBean");

      It appearantly times out, the message is 'Receive timed out', although the "wait period" is approx. 3 seconds. (Rather short to cause a timeout in my book...)

      Is there a known issue with Apple's Java version for application clients, etc. ?

      Thanks for any help.