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    Kodo JDO 2.4.3 and JBoss 3.2 - problem

    berserksangr Newbie

      When deploying kodo-service.xml from 2.4.3 under JBoss 3.0 RC1 everything works fine, but when I deploy under JBoss 3.2.0 it doesn't deploy. What can I do?

      I get folowing exceptions at deploy time in 3.2:

      20:57:52,577 INFO [ServiceConfigurator] Problem configuring service jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=KodoManagedConnectionPool
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: No Attribute found with name: JndiName at org.jboss.system.ServiceConfigurator.configure(ServiceConfigurator.java:332)
      stack trace here
      20:57:53,298 INFO [ServiceConfigurator] Problem configuring service jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,nam
      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Exception setting attribute javax.management.Attribute: na
      me=ManagedConnectionFactoryName value=jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=KodoManagedConnectionPool on
      mbean jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=KodoManagedConnectionPool; - nested throwable: (javax.managem
      ent.AttributeNotFoundException: Writable attribute 'ManagedConnectionFactoryName' not found)