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    JDK 1.4.1 logger configuration

    David Hoots Newbie

      This question doesn't seem to belong to any of the groups, but this is the closest so I'll post it here.

      I'm deploying an application to JBoss and using the 1.4.1 JDK. Specifically, this pertains to using the logging API.

      By default, logging is setup from a config file in the JAVA_HOME/lib directory, but I'd rather just deploy the setup in a properties file along with my application. That's easy enough, but the problem comes in with reading the file. There's a way to tell the API which properties file contains the setup, but since there's not a "starting point" for the application, I don't really have a good place to tell the API that information. In the Web container, I could put it into the web.xml file, but that doesn't solve the problem when I'm logging from EJBs, etc. I could create a singleton that does this setup, and have all my classes access this class to get logger(s), but that doesn't seem like the best idea either.

      Anybody tackled this problem yet?