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    3.0.7 build from source fails immediately

    Frank Griffin Novice

      I'm trying to do a build.sh release-zip of the 3.0.7 source package on Linux, and it (actually any build target name) fails immediately with:

      [jbossbuild@ftgme2 build]$ ./build.sh release-zip
      Searching for build.xml ...
      Buildfile: /data/jbossbuild/jboss-3.0.7-src/build/build.xml

      Error reading project file: unknown protocol: resource

      Total time: 0 seconds

      This appears to be due to the

      <!DOCTYPE project [
      ENTITY buildmagic SYSTEM "resource://org/jboss/tools/buildmagic/common.xml"

      line at the top of the build.xml.

      At first I assumed that it must be a problem in my environment, but if I do the exact same thing with the 3.0.5 source, it works fine.

      Any ideas ?