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    Need help connecting JBoss/Tomcat to Apache in UNIX (True64

    NISC Newbie

      We need to run 2 more JBoss instances on the same SSL port (443) as well as Apache on the same machine at the same SSL port. So, we set up connections using JK2 on a Linux machine and eveything worked perfectly.
      We now need to implement the same setup on several HP Tru64 (formerly known as DEC) machines and soon IBM AIX machines, and although JBoss and Apache run fine on the machines, I have not yet had any luck getting JK2 compiled on them.
      Therefore, I am searching for anyone that may have successfully compiled JK2 on on these machines, or any help/ideas for connecting these things together on these machines without using JK2.
      Thanks in advance,
      Leif E. Olson
      National Information
      Solutions Cooperative