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    JBoss, Tomact and Apache DocumentRoot

    Alasdair Newbie


      When I configure Apache / Tomcat and JBoss 3.2.1 to work together, I can get the .jsp to work a treat. All displays well. The proble is though, no images are displayed.

      I have set up a mod_jk connection (Under RH 8.0 Apache 2.0.40) and the apache VirtualHost setting has a:

      JKMount /*.jsp ajp13
      JKMount /servlet/* ajp13

      The question is, what should I set the apache VirtualHost's DocumentRoot to? (I can get the images to appear if I have set up the JKMount as:

      JKMount /* ajp13

      The .war file contains all jsp files, images and the like.

      Thanks in advance,