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    Multiple web servives on different ports

    jackdawson Newbie


      I have already tried the beginners corner, but didn't get any answers. I'm sorry about posting to multiple groups, but I really need to solve this problem...

      I'm using JBoss with Jetty. I have one application with multiple web-services (currently three, but there might be more in the future). What I'd like to do is run these web-services on different ports, but on one JBoss instance. How can I do this?

      I'm relatively new to JBoss, and I managed to configure JBoss and Jetty so that everything works fine in just one port, but I cannot figure out how to set more ports... It's easy using Tomcat, but with Jetty no luck yet.

      Here's an exaple of what I'm looking for:
      http://localhost:8081/ for web service 1
      http://localhost:8082/ for web service 2
      http://localhost:8083/ for web service 3

      I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me here. And in case this scenario is not possible using jetty/jboss, please could someone let me know so that I'm not looking in vain... Thanks!