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    My Jboss 3.0.6 hangs after 12h on linux

    Grzegorz Stelmaszek Newbie


      I've a problem with my JBoss 3.0.6 running on a linux platform. I use jdk 1.3.1.

      It is running fine for 8 hours (during a daytime) under very small load. Then, I leave it for a night, and in the morning (so after next 8 hours) it is hanging. There is no response to ctrl+c (i start it in a screen session) nor to kill -SIGTERM. There is no answer to any request sent to it (ejb request I mean).

      Unfortunatelly there are no error nor warning messages on screen nor in log files :(.

      Two more things I have observed:
      1. There are more than 200 threads of jboss, and 330 threads in the whole system.
      2. When I try to start any program on the machine (including `ps`), I usually (95%) get a 'resource temporarly unavailable' error message. This error vanishes after killing (with sigkill) my jboss.

      The system has only 128MB of memory, but it has 1GB of swap, and 'free' shows that only 100MB of swap is used in the 'critical moment'.

      Any ideas of why this happens are welcome!

      best regards,