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    Problem compiling from CVS

    tek1 Newbie


      I'm trying to compile the org.jboss.jdo.castor.CastorJDOImpl.java found in the "varia" cvs module.

      I checked out the following modules:

      I then changed to the "varia" directory and ran "ant".

      I got ant errors saying that it couldn't find ejbdoclet. After perusing all of the *.ent files in "tools", I found that the ejbdoclet did have a taskdef. However, looking through the "libraries.ent" file, I discovered that all of the property definitions for a library's root, as in:

      have a value setting in the format


      NOTE that "-" (dash) between the ORG and the PRODUCT.

      Can someone please explain why it is defined as such?

      The files in the "thirdparty" module are not in this format in their respective directories (i.e. not "sun-jaf"), but rather ORG/PRODUCT (i.e. "sun/jaf").



      seemed to fix the problem.

      Can someone more experienced please explain what is going on?

      Thank you.