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    JSP with JBoss/Tomcat bundle

    epdv Newbie

      I've not yet managed to deploy a war. The Getting started is based on JBoss 3.0, and some things seem to have changed in 3.2, but I cannot find any documents about it. Why isn't there any link to the release notes?

      My problem seems to be based on directories/contexts. So my questions are:
      - How does tomcat learn about contexts, as the documentation says, that there is no support for server.xml?
      - Which is the default deployment directory ?
      - How do I add other deployment directories ?

      Could You please support full eample files for the following conditions:
      - Apache 2.0.43 with mod_jk2
      - JBoss/Tomcat bundle 3.2.1 / 4.1.24
      - deployment D:/webapps, test.war

      Any help appriciated.

      With kind regards

      Peter Nabbefeld