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    web-console & RH9 install howto

    Wessel de Roode Newbie

      The default installation of red-hat 9 does not support a vm in Mozilla. Therefor you won't be able to access the jboss web-console with mozilla from redhat 9

      There is a plugin available but this plugin does not work (it's a vm 1.3 plugin) and this plugin crashes on a missing library.

      I've found the way after some rtfm ;-)
      - RH9 install on your desktop
      - a server somewhere with jboss & web-console

      I presume you installed RPM the j2sdk-1.4.1+ rpm from the java.sun.com website. Be sure there is a symbolic link available which points from j2sdk to j2sdk1.4.1 directory.

      run the following line as a sudo user or as root::
      /usr/java/j2sdk/bin/ControlPanel -rns610 -c /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1/ -j /usr/java/j2sdk/jre/
      After closing and restarting Mozilla you'll be able to access the web-console from the jboss-server.

      Wessel de Roode