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    concurrent user

    Walter Newbie

      I'm don't understand frito...for example, can you have 2000 user loggin in jboss with the configuration by default???.
      thank you.

      please, excuse me with my english, I'm from argentina

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          Adrian Brock Master

          From where.

          The default jetty configuration specifies
          100 threads


          You'll also need enough db connections in the pool.

          Do you have hardware that can cope with
          2000 concurrent connections, how intensive
          is your application?

          Do you mean 2000 concurrent connections?
          How many of the 2000 are idle waiting for
          the user to key information?


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            Walter Newbie

            I haven't problem with JBoss.
            I installed JBoss recently and I do work with swing (in client), EJB Session and EJB Entity and with sql server 2000.
            If I have 2000 client (swing) connect to Jboss using EJB Session stateless, this is dangerous with configuration by default???.

            thank you, and again, sorry with my english

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              Bernd Zeitler Expert

              please answer the questions warjort asked if you want further information.

              It only depends on your hardware and the configuration of JBoss. If you want to use the default config then it depends on the actions your clients are going to do... an average of how many calls at the same time (traffic)? But it is not a big deal to change those settings using an own configuration.


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                Adrian Brock Master

                You can use strict session pooling,

                NOTE: This was broken until recent versions
                of jboss because of some pool feeding code
                that has been removed.