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    Jndi Names & Jboss

    roby Newbie

      Hi ,
      we are three students and we are novice with usage and configuration of Jboss (with JBuilder8).
      We have learned more about J2EE RI, and now we want to use JBoss for our applications; but we have this problem:
      how can we bind jndi name of an EJbean with the coded name used in an Application Client? For Example:
      if we have a bean with jndi name ConverterEJB and a Client that in its code use the following call:

      Object ref = context.lookup("ejb/SimpleConverter");

      how can we bind ConverterEJB with ejb/SimpleConverter??

      With J2EE RI we used deploytool to simply make this binding process!!

      Please help us!!
      Thank you for your answers!!