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    jmx-console + web-console

    jbossfan Newbie

      Hi all,

      im a newer of jboss. i have installed jboss in linux and get the jmx-console.. frankly, it's already a big step 4 me.. because i install one tomcat for one project, the port number of tomcat for the project including jboss is not the default one (8080) any more. Therefore, it costs me one week time to dive into the huge documentation to find out the reason why my jmx-console did not work. finally, i changed the jboss port from 8080 to a free one (now is 8082) and then i get the jmx-console at
      it's pretty headache..

      I thought the nightmare has already gone, but unfortunately it's still going on. My boss wants to get the web-console, which exists a web-console.war in JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/management .. I have tried all I could imagine, but still no solution. furthermore, I cannot find any club in google and other search engines. The link I want to try is as followed,

      The reason we need it is we want to start/stop any bean by using the web-console.

      appreciate any comment and tia

      with best wishes

      a jboss fan..

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          Raja Master

          If your war is in the server/default/deploy/management, you need to add the deploy/management to the list of directories that JBoss scans for deployment. By default, JBOss scans the deploy directory for redeployment. So you have two options.

          1) Put your web-console.war in the deploy dir instead of deploy/management
          2) Add the deploy/management to the list of URLs to be scanned. This is in the jboss-service.xml of your conf directory.



          PS: I havent tried the second solution but i cant think of any reason why it shouldnt work. I have made it to work for a directory thats outside the deploy directory though.

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            jbossfan Newbie

            Dear Raj,

            Thank you a ton !!

            I get your idea and cp that web-console.war into the deploy directory and it works ! :D

            It becomes such easy because you know the organization of jboss.

            thank you again and with best wishes

            a jboss fan..