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    Setting up Apache+JBoss/Jetty with mod_jk as startup service

    Holger (David) Wagner Newbie

      Hi there,

      I've successfully installed mod_jk to work with Apache 1.3 and JBoss/Jetty 3.2.1, with the init scripts and everything. So, when I boot my machine, Apache is up, and JBoss is up - but the connection between them is not. If I restart apache, it works fine.

      So, my guess is that the problem is that even though I have added JBoss in init.d with a lower number than apache, apache is started before JBoss has finished starting up.

      Does anybody have a good solution to this problem? I assume that either adding a wait in the JBoss startup script, or even better, in the Apache startup script (with a check whether JBoss is already up and running) might do it!?

      Any solutions will be greatly appreciated!