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    3.0.x, 3.2.x, or 4.0.x?

    Michael Grove Newbie

      my application currently uses 3.0.4 with tomcat. i'm trying to decide whether it makes the most sense to upgrade to the latest 3.0.x, the latest 3.2.x, or the latest 4.0.x. a forum search didn't turn up posts on this topic - sorry if i've missed it.

      looking at the 4.0 roadmap, it looks like there won't be an "official" release until the nov-dec time frame, which is probably too late for me. i know a 3.2.x upgrade would be more complicated than a 3.0.x upgrade - are there reasons why i might want to upgrade to 3.2.x at this time? i plan to try to stay on top of jboss versions in general, so i expect we'll move to 4.0 once it's "official". i guess what i'm getting at is this - if i'm planning on migrating to 4.0 once it's "official", are there reasons why i might want to be on 3.2.x until that time instead of 3.0.x? e.g. would an upgrade to 3.2.x followed by a 4.0.x upgrade split in half the effort required to go from 3.0.x to 4.0.x?


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          Jon Barnett Master

          It depends on your risk-aversion. But I would probably say that 3.2.x is the safest route. It has the latest servlet containers, the datasource configuration is simpler than 3.0.x. It has more rigid deployment configuration checks. It will probably have a bigger base of free support here through the next quarter. Read the FAQ on 3.2.0 changes to get a feel for migration and features.

          4.x incorporates AOP and the associated supporting architecture. If all you are doing in the medium term is EJB/servlet work, you may not want the additional features of AOP and the additional resource consumption.

          3.2.x gives you leading edge, without giving you anything over what you need for the medium term. If 3.2.x had come out sooner, we wouldn't have bothered with the porting work to 3.0.x from 2.4.x.