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    Is this in the right place?

    Tim Yates Newbie

      I can't see where to put my scheduler problem :-(


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          Raja Master

          Havent tried this but my guess is that there is an EJB Reference cached in your Scheduler which is not valid when the redeployment takes place.

          This explains why you dont get any exceptions the first time as there is no EJB reference stored (yet) on the Scheduler.


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            Tim Yates Newbie

            I put my scheduler in a SAR with the correct dependancies, then when a ClassCastException is thrown after I redeploy my EJB, and try to get a reference to the Home interface, I use JMX to redeploy the SAR.

            It's ugly, but it works :-)

            And without this being fixed, there wasn't anything else I could do :-)

            Still not sure if it is a bug in JBoss or Java... There seems to be probelms with the classloader in 1.4.1 under Linux but they were supposed to be fixed for 1.4.2

            Oh well... I guess time will tell ;-)

            Thanks for the help :-)