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    Accessing properties from jndi.properties file

    mlivingston Newbie

      I need to be able to put configuration data (which is defined at the time the application is installed on the Linux machine) in the jndi.properties file to be accessed by DAO objects at a later time. I have been unable to access these properties from my DAO objects, which are used by Entity beans. Is there no way to access the properties placed in the /server/default/conf/jndi.properties file from within the Entity bean context?
      I can easily access similiar properties from my jboss.xml file but need the properties to reside in a file outside my .ear file. This is so that the file can be easily modified by shell scripts at installation time.
      I have tried to make sure the properties file is in my CLASSPATH (maybe I am doing this wrong). I have tried doing a lookup on several differenct contexts (java:, java:comp/env, and others). I am confused as to why this seems to be so difficult.