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    Tool for Upgrading to new versions of JBoss?

    tek1 Newbie


      Just wondering if a tool exists (even just a .bat or .sh file) for upgrading to newer versions of JBoss?

      I'm currently using 3.2.1, but would like to upgrade 3.2.2. I've always been manually copying the altered files in server/default/conf and server/default/deploy/jbossweb-jetty.sar/META-INF, etc., as well as manually copying the .jars added to server/default/lib and the .jars/.ears/.wars in server/default/deploy.

      Just wondering if a "upgrade.bat/sh" exists that would allow upgrading to the newer JBoss version simply by specifying the existing (old) JBOSS_HOME directory?

      For example:

      /jboss/3.2.2/bin/upgrade.sh /jboss/3.2.1

      would copy all modified configuration files and non-existant .jar/.ear/.war files from the 3.2.1 installation to the 3.2.2 installation?

      Thank you.