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    rich:datascroller filter problems

    Tim Ryan Newbie

      I'm using NetBeans6.1, RichFaces3.2.2, JSF1.2 and JDK1,6. I am having problems when using the datascroller for a datatable to allow multiple pages. When i use the filter it will limit the records in the datatable and the datascroller will only show the pages necessary to fit those records matching the filter but when i remove that filter the datascroller is not rerendering to show all the pages again. Any ideas? Here is the jsp page:

      <rich:dataTable binding="#{Results.hdtResults}" id="hdtResults" var="currentRow" rows="#{Results.rowsPerPage}" />
      <rich:datascroller for="hdtResults" binding="#{Results.hds}" renderIfSinglePage="false" pagesVar="#{Results.numPages}"/>